How To Improve Productivity With Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is more than just Word and Excel. Microsoft 365, and the tools offered in it, can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and fully align your team.  At radius180, we’re not only familiar with Microsoft…

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Next-Gen Antivirus vs. Traditional Antivirus: What’s the Difference?

As security threats are rapidly increasing, your organization must be proactive about cyber attacks. Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and traditional AV software are two options when it comes to mitigating and eliminating cyber threats, yet they…

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EDR vs. MDR: Which Is Better For Your Business?

The need for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy has increased as cyberattacks have become more frequent and costly. An effective detection and response capability is crucial to every security strategy to eliminate threats that bypass traditional security protocols….

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What You Should Know About Windows Server 2012 EOS

Microsoft has advised customers that Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 will reach its extended end-of-support (EOS) date on October 10, 2023.  What does it mean for your company? What should you do to prepare? Our experts…

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Cybersecurity Insurance: What Business Owners Should Know

With cyber-attacks occurring more frequently and becoming more sophisticated every year, business owners must ensure the safety of one of their company’s most valuable assets: data. Every type of business, small and big alike, faces…

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Small Businesses

Technology directly impacts the functionality and success of today’s organizations. The backbone of any company’s success is data which holds extreme value. Employees must be adequately trained and prepared for any threats that could jeopardize…

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What is Co-Managed IT and How Can It Help Your Small Business?

It’s not easy to manage all of your organization’s resources. From front-line business operations to behind-the-scenes security protocols, there’s a lot going on — as a business owner, you know.  For companies with their own…

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Understanding Your Internet Shadow

When we use digital services on our laptops or mobile devices, we leave traces online called an internet shadow. Either knowingly or unknowingly, your internet shadow is the sum of all the information you leave…

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The Importance of Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training instills employees with the knowledge to recognize cybersecurity threats and how to respond appropriately. It’s vital to your business to educate employees about cybercrimes, hacking, social engineering, phishing, and countless other cybersecurity…

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Tightening Cybersecurity in Your Home Office

Even while some companies are returning to the office, those working from home are at higher levels than ever. One challenge of remote work is securing the networks and devices used outside the traditional office….

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