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As a boutique IT Staffing firm, our commitment is focused on long-term relationships – both with our clients and our candidates. We specialize in Contract, and Contract-To-Hire services.

Integrity. It starts at the first engagement. While other staffing agencies take a shotgun approach of peppering you with candidates that your management team needs to weed through – we take extra time and attention to only send highly qualified candidates. How many times has your team wasted an hour interviewing a candidate just to find out that their technical skills were way below the bar? That will not happen with our candidates.

Our Recruitment Process

  1. Our recruiters find candidates through our robust database, job boards, and partnering with 100’s of other agencies across the U.S.
  2. Our recruiters review submitted candidates for “on-paper” fit.
  3. Next a technical recruiter will have a 30 minute call with the candidate to talk about experience, skillset and listen for a good business fit and to ensure they are able to adequately discuss the technical details of the technologies used.
  4. Next a one-on-one phone screen happens with client ambassador. This ambassador is not technical. Rather, they are listening for personality – will this candidate fit in the client’s culture. What are the candidates other interests – do they play baseball, go to the beach, love reading?
  5. If the candidate passes the initial phone technical recruiter, as well as the client ambassador we then set up a technical interview with our staff of programmers who put the candidate through the paces. By the end of this technical review, there is no doubt as to where the candidate’s skills are. They will be challenged to code live and show their skills.
  6. At this point, the candidate is now ready to be presented to the client!
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