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VoIP (Voice over IP)

Voicemail, IVRs, Call Routing, and queuing are now standard features of any VoIP system. If your company is still running a traditional phone system, it’s time to move to VOIP and take advantage of these high productivity features.

radius180 partners with several leading VoIP vendors and we can help guide you through the process of choosing the right provider for your business. But we don’t stop there. Coordinating a VoIP project is complicated – scheduling with the phone company, purchasing phone hardware, ensuring data cabling is adequate, keeping internal stakeholders informed, coordinating training – radius180 will be your point person, managing the entire project from start to finish. A detailed project plan and clear communication is absolutely essential for success.

It’s not all about the phone system

Choosing the right VoIP provider is important, but so is your network infrastructure. To ensure a successful VoIP implementation, your network has to be ready to handle the demands of VoIP. Does your network have sufficient bandwidth to handle the flow of data and voice? Is it properly tuned to maintain call quality and continual service? Is there sufficient back-up power in place so that you never miss a single call?

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