Co-Managed IT

A relationship-based, collaborative approach.

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Co-Managed IT services is a customized combination of service and support that allows us to enhance your current IT department by blending both Managed Services with Internal IT support. We work with your technology team to develop a plan that coordinates with the direction and growth of your organization, allowing you to benefit from our expertise as well as your staff on-site. We assist your team by providing the support where needed most, day-to-day operations, network monitoring, identifying threats, and handling projects. Co-Managed IT clients benefit from our team to taking on important but trivial tasks enabling internal teams to focus on the larger, more essential items such as implementing GPO, setting up MFA, and checking logs. This shared workload approach allows the internal teams to prioritize their projects and keep forward momentum with a client’s IT business strategies.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

  1. Handoff Help Desk responsibilities while increasing end-user engagement and first touch closes.
  2. Utilize our staff to reduce your technical debt and project backlog.
  3. Finally get accurate, updated, real documentation on your network.
  4. Improve your ability to manage your assets, subscriptions, and warranties.
  5. Leverage software solutions provide up to date information on network performance, KPIs, and Cyber Security threats.
  6. Allow us to provide end-user training to help prevent phishing attacks.
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