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Email Security

Protecting email accounts against unauthorized access.

As with any security offering, radius180 believes it is best to use a layered approach to ensure the best possible coverage against attacks, and that is the same approach for email.

First, how secure is Email?

Email is a great method of communication across organizations. The problem is that email was designed to be an open standard and is not secure – which means attackers can use email as a way to compromise your business. Whether through spam campaigns, malware and phishing attacks, or sophisticated targeted attacks, attackers try to take advantage of the lack of security of email to carry out their actions.

Email security layers

Spam Filtering

We all know what spam is, but why is it so bad for a business? Besides the productivity lost to trolling through spam, there is a security risk associated to spam as well. Spam emails can carry malware and viruses that can compromise company security and your data. Spam filtering is an important tool to use in your business to keep unwanted messages from entering your employee inboxes, and to keep them from clicking on potentially harmful emails. There are many different kinds of spam filtering. radius180 can help you pick the right solution – some target the content of your emails, some check the headers of messages, we can also restrict the acceptance of emails from specific addresses. And for highly risk adverse clients, we can set up a permissions based spam filter only allowing email from approved individuals.

Vade Secure for Microsoft 365

Vade Secure for Office 365 is a fully native cloud solution with AI-based, predictive email defense. It protects against phishing attempts, spear phishing, business email compromise attacks, malware, ransomware, spam, and GreyMail. It also features behavior-based anti-malware, insider attack protection, anti-phishing, anti-spear phishing, and protects against CEO fraud.

End User Training – Phishing

From a security stand point, our employees are our biggest vulnerability — at least until we prepare them to recognize and report phishing attempts. Phishing and related social engineering campaigns are today’s number one attack vector. radius180 takes a 4 step approach to train and educate your employees.

  1. Train

    Phishing awareness training starts with online videos that educate your employees on why phishing is harmful and empowering them to detect and report phishing attempts.

  2. Simulated Phishing

    radius180 creates simulated phishing campaigns and sends to your employees. Simulated phishing campaigns reinforce employee training, and help you understand your own risk and improve workforce resiliency.

  3. Reinforce

    When an employee clicks on a link or an attachment in a simulated phishing email, they are prompted that they have potentially put both themselves and the organization at risk. We then schedule them automatically for some remedial training videos.

  4. Monitor

    Simulated phishing campaigns will continue throughout the course of a year, and we will monitor the results – normally able to show a steep decline in the number of cases where employees click on a simulated phishing attempt. This helps us identify individuals or departments who may need more attention in one-on-one training.

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