Backup & Disaster Recovery

Downtime is not a question of if, but when.

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Dealing with unplanned downtime may be an IT function, but it is certainly a business concern. The cost of a few hours of downtime, never mind days or weeks, can be devastating for a business. When a business is down, customers cannot make purchases or access account information. Employees can’t work. The lost revenue adds up quickly. Your business can’t wait weeks or even days to get moving again. In today’s business world, downtime is no longer acceptable.

Now for Some Good News

BCDR to the Rescue

radius180’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions eliminate downtime.

Have you heard about hybrid cloud?

radius180 utilizes virtualized, hybrid cloud-based backup solutions in order to give your company access to a local backup stored onsite, as well as an additional copy of your entire network stored in the cloud.

It’s Still Local

The local backup enables our team to quickly restore business continuity (normally within minutes), while the cloud keeps another copy available to fail over when a larger-scale issue occurs and gives companies the ability to avoid extended downtime. Hybrid cloud backup gives organizations the security you need to quickly get back up and running for both small and major data disasters.

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