44% of small businesses have been the victim of a cyber attack

Source: National Small Business Association

Cyber Security

Multi-layered approaches for maximum security.

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The SMB market is a favorite target of “bad-actors” trying to breach the security of your corporate network. The many types of cyber threats evolve as quickly as the technologies we use to stop them. Trying to keep current on both is a full-time job – which is reason one, why you need to use radius180’s managed Cyber Security services. radius180 applies the latest best practices to all areas of your network, drastically reducing the likelihood of a breach.

A closer look at our Multi-Layered Security

Network security

radius180’s multi-layer defenses helps to protect your network from attack. Defending the network perimeter, filtering out unauthorized access and malicious content.

User Education Awareness

radius180 trains your staff on phishing attacks, ransomware, security policies, and identifying secure and acceptable use of your systems.

Malware Prevention

radius180 establishes anti-malware defenses across your organization – monitoring and keeping security up to date.

Removable Media Controls

USB drives and other removable media are convenient – they can also be dangerous. radius180 can limit the types of media used on your systems and scan for malware when they are used.

Secure Configuration

radius180 manages the installation of security updates for operating systems and third-party applications to ensure that the latest vulnerabilities are patched. We use firewall rules, complex password requirements, and firmware updates to minimize the risk to your network.

Managing User Privileges

radius180 monitors login activity and limits the number of privileged accounts – ensuring only those who need access, have access.

Incident Management

In the event of an incident, radius180 has a Disaster Recovery Plan in place for all clients ensuring we mitigate the effects of the incident and restore full business operations with as little impact as possible.


radius180 continuously monitors all systems and networks, generating alerts for unusual activity that could indicate an attack.

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