Cybersecurity Maturity Report 2023: An Overview

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for all organizations, regardless of their size or industry. Cyber threats continue to evolve, and the stakes for security breaches are higher than ever before. The Cybersecurity Maturity Report 2023,…

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National Cybersecurity Strategy Released

The Biden administration recently announced the new National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2023. This strategy is aimed at safeguarding American infrastructure, businesses, and government agencies against the increasing threat of cyberattacks.  The National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023…

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How to Protect your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that locks down important files in a computer or network, making them inaccessible until a ransom payment is made. However, how is this type of cyber attack carried out, and what…

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What are Cloud-Based Attacks & How to Prevent Them

With the advent of cloud computing, businesses have been able to streamline their services and increase efficiency. But alongside the benefits of cloud computing comes the risk of cloud-based attacks. These attacks target data stored…

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The Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Small Businesses

Businesses are moving what internal operations they can into the cloud at an ever-growing rate. As of last year, the cloud shift affected over $1.3T in IT spending alone. At the head of that shift…

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The Benefits of Microsoft OneDrive for Businesses

The days of opening the filing cabinet to access paper files are, for the most part, long gone. Nowadays, we need to have information readily available at all times, which is why so many businesses…

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6 Tips On Safe Internet Use For Small Businesses

Cyber threats aren’t just an issue for big corporations and governments, as businesses of all sizes are targets too. Internet usage in offices, whether it be upfront at the receptionist’s desk or in the back…

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3 Things You Need to Know About HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in healthcare is crucial in guaranteeing patient privacy, as healthcare providers face malicious attackers while ensuring compliance with laws. In this blog, our experts dive into three things you need to know about HIPAA…

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5 Of the Best Little-Known Microsoft 365 Features

Microsoft 365 is continuously evolving to bring its customers the highest-performing applications, all of which are aimed at boosting productivity, security, and company-wide synergy.  As Microsoft regularly updates its apps, new features are constantly being…

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5 Microsoft 365 Apps You May Be Missing Out On

Microsoft Office 365 is at the helm of countless modern businesses. From easy-access spreadsheets to calendars and presentations or your typical Word document, Microsoft 365 is the centerpiece of the daily operations of many organizations….

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