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Mobile Device Management

Who is managing your smart devices and keeping you secure?

We get it. Mobile devices are a big part of most business’ workflow. As a company, those mobile devices need to be treated with the same security intentions that you do with servers, desktops and laptops. Every mobile device on your network (phone, tablet, etc) is only one click away from infecting your network or compromising your company data.

We offer Mobile Device Management which secures the phone or tablet while protecting the privacy and integrity of your employee’s personal devices. Keep the business data safe and separate. It’s as simple as installing a smart app on the phone or tablet.

What can we do with our MDM software?

  1. Remote, immediate setup of email access, WiFi Settings and VPN settings.
  2. Consistently enforced security and compliance checks with all devices used by any employee.
  3. Deploy anti-virus, spam protection and encryption.
  4. Track the location of the device.
  5. Ability to lock and clear the device of any and all information.
  6. We can block any malicious URLs from being viewed on the device.
  7. Ability to restrict cookies, file downloads, copying, pasting and printing.
  8. And more…
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