The Benefits of Microsoft OneDrive for Businesses

The Benefits of Microsoft OneDrive for Businesses

The days of opening the filing cabinet to access paper files are, for the most part, long gone. Nowadays, we need to have information readily available at all times, which is why so many businesses of all sizes have switched to Microsoft OneDrive.

A tried and true cloud storage platform, our industry experts put together this primer to explain the benefits of Microsoft OneDrive for businesses and highlight some of our favorite features.

Let’s start with the basics. What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is an internet-based, file-hosting service provided by Microsoft that stores all your files in the cloud. It adds ease and continuity to offices and homes alike. The best part? OneDrive is included with all Microsoft accounts, and there is no increased cost for using it. 

Let’s dig in. It makes collaboration easy.

OneDrive is one of the most intuitive applications for workplace collaboration and teamwork. For example, OneDrive has a feature that allows users to comment on any document while editing it, and multiple people can edit it together simultaneously! This includes the capability of tagging people in their organization on any document, which will trigger an email notification containing a link to the comment.

Any edits sync in real time, keeping everybody up-to-date with the status of changes to the document. OneDrive also stores your files in the cloud, meaning you can access files no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it easy to share documents and files with colleagues and review them together.

Take it with you. OneDrive has an intuitive mobile app.

The functionality of OneDrive translates into the OneDrive mobile app, a feature often rare in productivity applications. Documents can be viewed, edited, or downloaded on the go to your mobile device for access when you can’t connect to the internet. Documents and even photos can be scanned with your phone and automatically uploaded to OneDrive through your device. If you delete them from your device after, they’re still kept indefinitely on the cloud—safe and sound.

Who doesn’t like top-notch security?

There are many ways OneDrive protects your security, but one of our favorites at radius180 is the continuous monitoring of sign-in attempts to your account. Any suspicious activity, such as repeated attempts or sign-ins from an unknown device or location, will be blocked, and OneDrive will automatically notify your team of the attempt via email.

In the event there is a malicious attack on your files or account, OneDrive also immediately notifies you. Any affected files can be restored to a point in time before they were impacted, and your entire OneDrive can be restored with the click of a button if widespread data loss or corruption occurs. 

To prevent corruption from happening in the first place, OneDrive utilizes the Windows Defender anti-malware engine. As you upload documents to your OneDrive, they’re automatically scanned for indications of a virus and halted if one is found.

For those files that should be kept extra secure, a password can be enabled as a requirement before access. In addition, sharing access links to files can be set to expire at a date of your choosing. 

What radius180 can do to help.

If your business is ready to switch your storage servers to Microsoft OneDrive, we’re ready to assist. Unsure of where to begin? Contact us now to Do A 180, and we’ll begin: 856.282.1131

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