National Cybersecurity Strategy Released

National Cybersecurity Strategy Released

The Biden administration recently announced the new National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2023. This strategy is aimed at safeguarding American infrastructure, businesses, and government agencies against the increasing threat of cyberattacks. 

The National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 recognizes the need to address cybersecurity risks in a rapidly changing technological landscape. The strategy outlines four pillars that will guide the efforts to protect American cybersecurity. 

The Four Pillars 

  1. Defend: This focuses on strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity defenses by investing in security measures that protect the infrastructure, businesses, and government agencies from cyber threats. The plan includes modernizing the country’s cyber defenses by deploying cutting-edge technologies and leveraging public-private partnerships. 
  2. Deter: The deterrence pillar aims to discourage cybercriminals from targeting American entities by imposing costs on them. The strategy aims to hold malicious actors accountable for their actions by imposing punitive measures such as economic sanctions, indictments, and diplomatic pressure. 
  3. Develop: The third pillar of the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 emphasizes the importance of investing in workforce development, research, and innovation. The plan includes training and education programs to equip the workforce with the necessary skills to combat cyber threats effectively. It also aims to foster innovation in cybersecurity by investing in research and development of new technologies. 
  4. Respond: The final pillar of the strategy is to strengthen the nation’s ability to respond to and recover from cyberattacks. This includes establishing a robust incident response framework, enhancing threat intelligence sharing, and improving coordination between government agencies and the private sector. 

Why This Matters 

The National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 is critical for the security of the nation, as cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive. It emphasizes the need for collaboration between the government and the private sector to enhance cybersecurity resilience. Additionally, it acknowledges that cyber threats are not limited to a single sector or industry and require a coordinated and holistic approach to address them effectively. 

The National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 is a comprehensive plan that aims to protect American infrastructure, businesses, and government agencies from cyber threats. It provides a framework for addressing cybersecurity risks. Partner with radius180 today to formulate your own cybersecurity strategy. Give us a call: 856.282.1131.


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