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The Value of Vendor Management

One of the most frustrating parts of running a business can be getting all of the independent vendors that serve your company to work together. More often than not, these types of collaborations devolve into miscommunication and finger-pointing. No one wants to be held accountable, no one will commit to a solution. All the while, you’re losing time and money chasing down answers instead of running your business.

As your managed services provider, we become your single point of contact for all tech-related issues. We take the time to understand what you’re experiencing so that we can be an intermediary between you and all of the vendors you work with (line of business software, VoIP, print services, ISP, etc.). Since we speak the same language as these vendors, we can communicate your business needs in a way that’s clear to them. Our technical expertise allows us to answer detailed questions on-the-fly and ensure that all work performed is done correctly.

We take responsibility not only for ensuring work is done correctly, but for seeing it through to completion. When your phones aren’t working, being caught between bickering VoIP and ISP providers is not helpful. We’re able to identify and explain the cause of the issue and oversee those providers’ roles to get your phones back up as quickly as possible.

We help you negotiate with vendors, and, if needed, we’ll even source new vendors if things just aren’t going as they should.

radius180 is invested in the success of your business and will see to it that your vendor relationships are serving your needs optimally — not the needs of those vendors.