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Making the Switch to Managed Services

There are plenty of benefits that can be realized by bringing on a managed services provider to address your IT and strategic planning needs. In order to get the most from your managed services contract, you must carefully compare all potential providers to ensure they’re willing and able to provide the services you need to keep your business moving forward now and in the future. If your managed services provider cannot supply at least the three services highlighted below, keep looking!

Security. The managed services provider you choose should work with vendors who guarantee security. This is imperative when trusting an outside party to maintain and protect private data crucial to the running of your business. Service providers should supply detailed proof of security procedures as well as plans for keeping abreast of changes in the industry.

Recovery. Managed services providers are not only contractually bound to help keep the day-to-day running of your business going smoothly, but also to handle any recovery situations that arise following natural or man-made disasters. Ask potential providers what procedures they have in place to guarantee minimal downtime and have you up and running as soon as possible after an emergency.

Customer Service. As with any business, if there is no customer support backing up the products and services offered, there isn’t much of a commitment from the provider.

Why are these three things so important? To understand, you must consider the managed services model. Managed services providers are hired by a company to provide any or all of the following:

  • Website hosting
  • Network monitoring
  • Network security
  • Remote data backup
  • Recovery services

Originally, these services were provided to large corporations while small- to medium-size companies struggled to maintain an IT budget that was more expensive than beneficial. By offering technology services at a flat or monthly fee, managed services providers make it possible for smaller businesses to remain competitive with others in their industry. A good managed services provider can change the way you do business — in a positive direction, whereas the wrong choice could be a costly mistake that does more harm than good to your business.