5 Of the Best Little-Known Microsoft 365 Features

5 Of the Best Little-Known Microsoft 365 Features

Microsoft 365 is continuously evolving to bring its customers the highest-performing applications, all of which are aimed at boosting productivity, security, and company-wide synergy. 

As Microsoft regularly updates its apps, new features are constantly being introduced, and many of these features go unused and even unnoticed by users. Read below as our radius180 experts break down the most advantageous attributes of Microsoft 365 to ensure your business uses all of the available tools to the highest efficiency.

Secure Single Sign-On 

Staff can efficiently use multiple apps and devices simultaneously with Microsoft’s single sign-in feature. Did you know that research shows an average worker will manage more than 25 logins and passwords? 

With Microsoft 365, employees can use one login across all Windows 10 devices and Microsoft 365 apps without compromising the security of themselves or their organization.

Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes are a great way to streamline all communication with customers and keep staff up-to-date with transactions. Shared aliases such as “help@microsoft.com” allow employees to monitor and reply to all messages sent to that inbox, and when sending responses, all emails show as sent from the alias. These collaborative mailboxes keep your team on the same page at all times.

Customizable Security

The Microsoft 365 Admin Center can be used to set up policies and security for all devices and applications. This feature lets you set different permissions for those working across the various departments of your organization, such as finance or HR. 

Microsoft’s Admin Center is highly customizable and can set company policies to fit your unique needs. An example of this is setting a required pin number or fingerprint as a security measure for file access. 

Automatic Updates

Microsoft 365 implements automatic updates on devices and applications to ensure the safety of your business at all times. These updates include necessary patches and fixes to vulnerabilities and removes the hassle of  having to remember to install the update.

Protect Data

Another often-missed feature of Microsoft 365 is remote access to data. For example, if an employee loses their device or it is stolen, those with admin privileges can remotely wipe and clear the device, revoking all access to it.

No matter where your workers are, strict and prompt remote control access to data keeps company data secure.

Don’t let these features (and more) go unused.

With our Microsoft 365 review, we’ll dive into your configuration at no cost and make sure your business is optimizing all of its available tools and not paying for anything that isn’t being used. It’s time to increase productivity and decrease underutilization. Contact us here and let’s #DoA180—together.

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