The Advantages of Using Co-Managed IT for Cybersecurity

The Advantages of Using Co-Managed IT for Cybersecurity

Co-managed IT, a managed service featuring a third-party IT company that assists your in-house IT team with your company’s technology needs, can significantly benefit your business. While helping with ongoing daily tasks such as help desk responsibilities and general technology support, co-managed IT is especially ideal for cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity challenges come in many forms, including ransomware, phishing attacks, and malware attacks. At a time when cybersecurity is more crucial than ever, co-managed IT offers prompt and correct solutions to these challenges while keeping your company’s valuable data protected. Below, our experts list just some of the perks that come with using co-managed IT for cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Training

While your entire staff probably aren’t cybersecurity experts, they should be aware of the threats they may face. Many phishing scams arrive directly into staff inboxes, and all staff should be adequately trained on how to handle these threats. Co-managed IT typically includes end-user training to help prevent phishing attacks, among other types of cybersecurity challenges.

External Support

Businesses that need to improve their security can benefit from the constant monitoring offered by co-managed IT. There will be an extra set of eyes on your infrastructure, data, networks, and hardware that supports software like Microsoft Office 365. While your internal IT team keeps up to speed with present issues and security protocols, your co-managed IT team is by your side with a helping hand, ensuring that any potential downtime is avoided and attackers are stopped in their tracks. If your current IT staff is backlogged, you’ll have an additional set of proactive IT hands to address any problems.

A Disaster Recovery Plan

For most businesses, a cyber-attack isn’t a matter of if but when. According to IBM, companies with less than 500 employees who undergo a data breach suffer losses of more than $2.5 million on average. Companies can save around $1.2 million by deploying their disaster recovery plan. The immediate expertise that comes with the cost of bringing on co-managed IT outweighs the potential financial losses seen by companies that aren’t prepared for an attack. Co-managed IT is a partnership, and as a business owner, it’s vital to work with your co-managed team to create an incident response plan in case of a disaster. This can be achieved by employing regular compliance across your company, keeping all employees updated on security standards, and teaching them what to do if an attack is carried out successfully.

Up-to-date Software Solutions

Using co-managed IT for cybersecurity purposes also includes the software that is used to protect your company. Hackers are constantly finding exploits in cybersecurity software and new ways to break through the programs that keep your information secure. However, co-managed IT guarantees that your security tactics and antivirus software are frequently updated and regularly monitored. 

Are you ready to use co-managed IT for cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity challenges have risen drastically in recent years, and having an outsourced team of experts working adjacent to your in-house staff is a reliable way to protect your business. While co-managed IT is significantly helpful for aiding with the regular tasks and monitoring of IT support, it’s the jewel in the crown for ensuring your company’s defense. With our relationship-based approach to working with your current IT team and the wide breadth of knowledge in keeping companies in the South Jersey region cyber secure, we’re ready to help you Do a 180. Contact us here to learn more or call 856.282.1131.

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