The Benefits of Co-Managed IT

The Benefits of Co-Managed IT

A growing business means the need for a larger IT team to assist with the additional need for technology and user support. But budget constraints do not always allow for additional in-house expansion. Sound familiar? Read on to learn about the benefits of co-managed IT for your company or organization. 

Co-managed IT is third-party IT that assists your in-house team in supporting the technology needs of your company. 

The benefits of co-managed IT range from handing off help desk responsibilities to saving the time and cost of hiring and onboarding, supplementing the current IT team’s knowledge, and even relief for overworked in-house teams that don’t stop working because, well, technology doesn’t stop either. 

Not convinced yet if co-managed IT is right for your company? Let’s dig a little deeper. 

You form a relationship-based partnership. 

If your in-house IT staff understands your internal IT processes, you don’t want to lose them. With co-managed IT, thankfully, you don’t have to. The valuable understanding and knowledge your staff has of your business won’t be replaced, but rather cohesively adjoined to another team of experts.

It’s more affordable than hiring new team members.

Affordability is another one of the benefits of co-managed IT.  Having an entire team on board can be much more efficient and effective than hiring a single specialist. Why spend the time and money to source, hire, and train a new team member concentrated in one facet of IT when you can utilize an entire roster of IT experts that spans all IT methods and cybersecurity tactics?

Co-managed IT provides an escalation point.

Co-managed IT provides your staff an around-the-clock backup for IT issues they may not be able to address due to a backlog of help desk tickets or existing tech problems. However, co-managed IT isn’t only an escalation point for problems but should be considered as a safety net that can provide peace of mind for companies with concerns about downtime. Employees can still go to their in-house team with any technical issues, and if the IT staff is bogged down, co-managed IT support serves as the solution to take on those issues and help your team.

Ready to Do A 180 with your IT?

At radius180, we’d love to work with you and your in-house IT team to ensure all of your IT needs are handled safely and promptly. As an integrated strategic partner, we aim to build a solid relationship with your company and identify a plan that aligns with the direction and growth of your business. Contact us here to learn more or call 856.282.1131.

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