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The High Cost of Recovery

Many small and mid-size company owners are under the false impression that hackers and other security threats target larger corporations. Companies that have less than 500 employees are actually more likely to be at risk of an attack than a larger corporation. Of course, this becomes a problem when the larger corporation has the resources to maintain higher levels of security at a time when smaller companies are dealing with restricted or in some cases frozen IT budgets.

The benefits of hiring a managed services provider.
With security a real concern for small business owners, many are making the decision to bring on outside providers to address their IT needs. Considering the money and time spend recovering from a security attack or breech, more business owners are realizing the cost of not having this level of protection is too high to pay. Here’s how managed services providers can help business owners level the playing field against those who would infiltrate their security systems:

Increased knowledge – Managed services providers are in the business of technology. They have trained staff with the expertise to identify and stop threats and prevent the loss of sensitive and private information that could lead to costly recovery measures.

Less expensive than in-house IT – Other types of IT professionals can provide business owners with the same security but at a greater cost. Owners are realizing that paying a flat monthly fee for the services of a managed service provider is much more cost effective than paying an internal IT staff or outsourcing based on incidents.

Proactive is better than reactive – The biggest benefit of having a quality managed services provider in your corner is the fact that you are acting in a proactive manner to ensure all of your systems are managed properly. This is less expensive and less time consuming than reacting after a problem has occurred.

Any small business can benefit from the security provided by a managed services provider. They can do so at a fraction of the cost, eliminating the fear and expense of trying to recover from a breech in security or attack.