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Do Managed Printing Services Save Money for Small Businesses

In a struggling economy, business owners look for new ways to reduce their expenses to save money and resources in order to remain competitive. Could managed printing services offer financial and time savings for a small business?

Small business owners are in a good position to save money and benefit most through managed printing services, since they have a lower profit margin compared to their overhead expenses than larger businesses do. When a printer isn’t working effectively in a small business environment, one of the owners, managers or employees must spend time on the phone with an IT specialist trying to troubleshoot the cause of the printer or copier malfunction; as well as find a solution to get it up and running again. When this person is tied up for a long period of time, the business loses the money that would have been made during that time period.

What is Managed Printing Services?
Managed Print Service providers monitor your printers and copiers actively from a remote location. They can predict where problems may occur and often prevent them from happening. They work with small businesses to identify excessive spending on printers, copiers, and supplies, and to increase productivity by setting up a plan for which type of documents go to which printers in your organization.

Managed printing service providers will also make sure you always have the right amount of ink and paper supplies on hand, which means you will no longer have to give up storage space for supplies that are never get used or run out of the paper you need in the middle of a printing project.

Advantages of Managed Printing Services
In addition to the financial savings there are the additional advantages of convenience and control. As a small business owner, your time is spent operating and managing the daily activities of your business and there is a good chance that you are unaware how much time and money is wasted on printer or copier related activities like troubleshooting printers that aren’t working properly; using double the amount of paper necessary because you haven’t learned to use the “print on both sides” option and ordering and processing purchase orders and invoices for toner and paper supplies.

You can reduce your overhead expenses with a managed printing services provider, as well as take back some of your time resources and increase productivity.