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Innovation and Networking are Key to Business Growth

Whether launching a start-up, or running an established business, maintaining an innovative mindset will help your business grow. Exploring new ideas, and better ways of doing things, opens doors to higher value opportunities and greater productivity.

Before deciding that you’re “not a creative type,” remember that the root of creativity is problem solving. The development of a game-changing product or process takes just as much creativity as designing a beautiful, and meaningful, corporate identity—possibly more!

Ask Questions

When you started out, you had to ask a lot of tough questions about short- and long-term business goals to determine the steps needed to get established. Continue asking questions, and set new goals often. Make brainstorming new solutions and bigger goals a regular event in your company, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of innovations you and your team will begin to create.

Get Reviews

Seek feedback from your clients to learn what you’re acing, what you need to work on, and potentially discover products and services no one is offering—you might just uncover a great new profit-center. Try customer surveys with thoughtful questions that really invite your clients into a worthwhile conversation. They’ll appreciate your interest in their point of view. But be prepared to follow up with solutions to any challenges they present. Consider checking out your competition online to see what their customers are trying to tell them.


When your team is excited about what they do, they’ll share their enthusiasm. Everyone in your company becomes a brand ambassador everywhere they go. When you’ve built this creative culture, word will get out and clients and partners will gravitate toward that excitement.

Networking happens everywhere, all the time. Make the most of those connections by following up and keeping in touch. Some connections will become opportunities quickly, while others may not gel for long while. But the stronger and more engaged your network, the more possibilities you have on the table now and in the future.