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How to Recover Your Lost Computer Files — Inexpensively and Easily

Have you ever taken a moment to imagine what would happen if you lost some or all of your computer files? Whether you use your computer for personal reasons or for school or work, data loss can be devastating! Think of all of those family photographs, music files or class assignments! With time and effort, some files can be replaced. Others – particularly your photos or home videos – cannot.

Most people tend to think computer files are lost only due to catastrophic events – like tornadoes and hurricanes. But don’t forget about more common events like fire, flood or computer viruses. A computer “disaster” does not necessarily have to be one from Mother Nature, either. Suppose you dropped your laptop down the stairs or spilled your coffee on the keyboard?

Losing personal files can be devastating because of their sentimental value. For business owners the loss of data can be fatal to their business if they don’t have a data backup plan in place.

Before Disaster Strikes
Having a complete backup plan in place can prevent disaster from destroying your precious data. Data backup isn’t as complicated or expensive as you might think. Also, it is much easier to restore backed up files after a disaster than it is to try and reassemble them from scratch – assuming that’s even possible. Consider a data backup plan to be your computer’s insurance policy!

Picking Up The Pieces
If you’ve already experienced a loss of unprotected data, you’ll need to use a data recovery service to retrieve as much of the lost information as possible. Data recovery makes it possible to save some of the data from damaged, corrupted or failed storage devices, but it’s expensive, and you may never recover 100% of the data you’ve lost.

Data Backup and Recovery Solution
Your best solution is to use a remote data backup system. This will backup and store your data at regularly scheduled intervals to an online storage area accessed via the web. Your backed-up information can then be restored to any computer.

Remote data backup services exist for both personal computer users and businesses of all sizes. Prices range from very reasonable to very expensive – based on a number of factors including how much storage you require. Prevention is the best medicine – give yourself peace of mind with a data backup insurance policy for your computer files.