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Tips for Investment
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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Investment

How many times have you purchased new software or hardware, and avoided the help menu or user manual? Experts reason that about 90 percent of all features included with software go unused! Don’t let your tech investments go to waste. Here are 4 simple tips for getting the most out of your technology dollars:

1. Put the client in the driver’s seat.

Clients are happier when they feel connected to you. Use technology to give your clients a way to initiate discussions (blog interaction, discussion forum, etc.). Set up instant messaging so clients can contact appropriate staff members as necessary. It’s simple technology, but will result in improved client retention, repeat customers and better communication.

2. Create a culture of continuous improvement.

There’s no denying that technology moves ahead by leaps and bounds. Just when you think you have the best of the best, new technologies and processes are introduced. Even in the most mundane of office environments, new ideas will enhance efficiency and productivity. Encourage staff and consultants to let the new ideas flow – continuous improvement is the key for making the most out of your technology.

3. Take advantage of training opportunities.

The cost of sending staff to training courses can add up, so consider conducting monthly training seminars on your own. Invite vendors and experts in to explain new products and technologies, or have your managed services provider deliver training as needed in order to keep your staff up to date with the programs and tools used in the office.

4. Internal email newsletters with tips.

Most businesses recognize the value of sending newsletters to their clients to keep in touch and establish relationships, but what about internal newsletters for staff members? Consider sending a weekly email to your staff with a technology tip or some other piece of information that helps improve their productivity or make their lives a little easier. Topics can come from training and seminars you attend, or from questions staff asks the IT department. Keep it fun by adding a cartoon or a quick quiz so that it becomes something to look forward to each week.