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Windows 7
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3 Tips for Going the Distance with Windows 7

Windows 7 allows administrators to effectively and efficiently manage computers on a network. But there are also clever tricks for the average user. Especially when it comes to increasing productivity—and even physical comfort.

When you’re in the zone, moving your hand between your keyboard and mouse can eat into valuable focus time. But beyond that, those repetitive motions can put you at risk for nasty things like carpal tunnel syndrome (or just general fatigue). So how about some tips on managing and monitoring windows?

1. Aero View
Hovering over an active application on the taskbar reveals all instances of that application in a preview window showing a live feed.

2. Alt + Tab
Hold down the alt key and press the tab key to flip through all running programs and make selections to move quickly between several open documents.

By pressing the alt key and holding it down while you tap the tab key you can browse each window. Each tap of the tab key will move the selector to the next program on the list.  Releasing the Alt key will bring up the highlighted program.

While this functionality is available in all versions of Windows, Windows 7 users have the option of pressing the Windows key in place of the Alt key to see a full image of each program rather than a simple icon.

3. Snap Feature
This is my favorite feature of Windows 7 for multitasking. It makes copy and pasting a breeze, and referencing one screen while typing on another simple and effective.  By simply dragging a window to the top, left or right sides of a screen the user can “snap” a window into place to quickly resize it. Snapping to the top of the screen will maximize the window while snapping to the left or right will resize the window to fit that half of the screen. The snap feature can also be used directly from the keyboard by using the Windows key in conjunction with any of the directional arrows. The up arrow will maximize the screen while the left and right arrows will fit the window to their respective halves. Pressing the down arrow while holding the Windows key will minimize the screen.

Efficiency with computers means cutting down every little second of wasted time, but these tips offer the added benefit of cutting down on repetitive motions. These tricks are simple but when effectively applied they can make the average user feel like a pro.